Vision Updates

Grace's Five-Year Vision

Grace has a five-year vision, which wraps up in 2016. Here's a quick look at what we feel God has called us to accomplish:

  • Local Church Partnerships: 50 local churches partnering to serve the Erie community. This is mainly accomplished through ServErie, but also in mentoring partnerships with local leaders/ministries.
  • Global Church Partnerships: Grace desires to be a global church. Therefore, we will have two global church-to-church partnerships by the end of 2016.
  • 936 Families: Families have 936 weeks between the time a child is born and graduates high school. We want to partner with parents in shaping Christ-centered families.
  • 212 Discipleship: We will raise the temperature of life-on-life discipleship to the boiling point, so people will own their own spiritual growth.
  • Multi-Site: Grace is one church in multiple locations. We want to have five multi-site locations, including Grace Online by the end of 2016.